Taylor Marsala

750ml Bottle

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    Constellation Brands, Inc.
    18% Alcohol
    New York
    Product Description

    Deeply golden in color, warm and fruity, Taylor New York Marsala Wine is a classic flavor in gourmet cooking and a smooth, satisfying dessert wine. It is a creamy, medium sweet marsala with raisin-like and fruity, classic flavoring. It has a smooth, unique taste and depth to the character. The Taylor Wine Company, makers of superior ports and sherries, with a tradition dating back to 1880, skillfully blends the best grapes from New York to create a unique taste and depth of character. A delicious gourmet touch in recipes or for sipping. Taylor Marsala is excellent for cooking or simply enjoying it as an after-dinner treat. Serve at room temperature. It pairs well with Chicken, Veal, and Beef Tenderloin. Enjoy!